SuguS is a European Commission’s project aimed at accelerating the use of the European GNSS (E-GNSS, EGNOS and Galileo) in the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) market, putting in place the necessary means at service provision level for facilitating the operational use of E-GNSS by operators and their approval by the aviation authorities. The project will demonstrate the added value for drone operations of the measures implemented at service provision level and the new EGNSS API. Amongst those benefits are the ability to mitigate the risks of the operations and the facilitation of the mission preparation and authorization processes by the operator.

Different key objectives have been identified by EC in the ITT:

Review results of other projects/initiatives

With the objective of capitalizing previous results from other EGNSS projects which can facilitate the penetration of EGNOS and Galileo in UAS market, both for the Open and Specific categories

Identify user needs

To capture Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) service providers and operators’ needs in complex operations, including (but not limited to) Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight and urban cases.

Gap analysis

To perform a gap analysis between the elements already implemented in EGNSS Programmes and the needs for a fast acceptance as an additional service in U-Space.

Impact analysis

To perform impact analysis in the service provision layer for the facilitation of the use of EGNSS in U-Space and, more specifically, for the mitigation of risks in the Specific Category.

Implementation of API for EGNSS

To define and implement an Application Programming Interface (API) for EGNSS which could be called upon by UTM service providers, UAS designers or UAS systems developers, and integrated in existing commercial solutions.

Proof of Concept

To perform proof of concept by means of execution flight trials in a complex environment (Specific Category). These trials are aimed at demonstrating the added value for drone operations of the measures implemented at service provision level and the new EGNSS API.

Awareness and contribution to standardisation/regulation

To perform a set of awareness actions that will be complemented with the contribution to standardisation and regulation activities, to maximize the possibilities that the proposed services are implemented as a U-Space service.

It is important to highlight that it is needed to map one-to-one correspondence of EGNSS services/features –likely integrated with other sensor technologies– to deliver specific performance to open/specific drones for: Navigation, Surveillance, Tracking, Geo-fencing/geo-caging, E-identification.

Additionally, the EC is requesting to set up an Advisory Board (AB) with the objective of providing guidance to the project on fundamental aspects such as U-Space service provision architecture, regulatory framework, standardisation evolution, market trends, ATM/UTM integration, UAS operations, emerging technologies, etc. The Advisory Board will be composed of representatives of key stakeholders not being directly involved in the project.

Take a look at the SuguS consortium survey and answer the questions!



GMV is a privately owned technological business group with an international presence, offering services and products in very diverse sectors.

everis Aerospace and defense

Multinational group born in Spain with a commercial network around the world that provides global solutions for critical systems in the fields of Aeronautics, Space, Defence, Security and Cyber-security.


Unifly is the global leading supplier of UTM technology. Unifly’s award winning Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform is already in use all over the world.


ESSP is an experienced and dynamic company specialized in the operations and provision of satellite-based services for aviation.


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Is a leading independent consulting group with a core focus on understanding markets, translating technological innovation in market impacts, competition, trade and consumer behaviour.

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