EUROCAE WG 105 SG-62 Meeting

On February 17th 2021, the SUGUS project held a meeting with the EUROCAE WG 105 SG-62 to discuss the SUGUS impact in the development of the GNSS Guidelines that the SG-62 is preparing.

During the meeting there was a general agreement on several points, like the fact that SUGUS outcomes are primarily based on facilitating compliance with the #OSO13 assurance.

It was also agreed by all participants that operators and other relevant actors have identified the need of information about future performances for specific operations and timeframe, taking into account real GNSS system status. It was also remarked that the relevance increases with the hazard of the operation.

There was a general conformity on the fact that the guidelines should define how operators can have sufficient information to declare that the service provides an adequate degree of performances. Information from SUGUS would simply be an additional means and may simply be mentioned in the guidelines as an example.

It was also highlighted that SUGUS service may be key for operators to ensure that the performance is sufficient for their operation outside the assumptions of existing official information.

As a conclusion, new service identified in SUGUS may be key for medium and high risk operations where it may be important acceptable means of compliance for the OSO assurance.

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