Sugus Project presentation and outcomes video

Today we are happy to share a video on the SUGUS project, produced to present the project itself and its outcomes.

As you can see in the video, as part of the project, a new functionality has been identified as key to cover most of the identified UAS and U-Space operational needs: the GNSS Performance Forecast and Monitoring Service, and an EGNSS API was developed to provide this new service.

SUGUS has carried out different proof of concept activities to demonstrate the added value of the proposed solutions. In particular, we present the footage of a field trial performed to assess the operational advantages of the EGNSS Performance Forecast and Monitoring service and the performances of different GNSS technologies. All flights were successfully performed during two days, and the effective operability, the high versatility and the added value of the developed API tool for the management and monitoring of UAS operations was demonstrated.

The EGNSS API demonstrated to save time and efforts, as well as to provide an additional safety layer. In addition, improvements at accuracy and robustness level when using Galileo and EGNOS systems was identified, as well as the added value of EGNOS providing integrity, key for safety-of-life applications.

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